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Seller of best quality Knitting Needles. All export quality double temper needles, high production and customer setisfaction is our moto.

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Buy best quality Circular Knitting Needles, Flat Knitting Needles, Hosiery Needles, Transfer Needles, Links Needles, Wire Needles, Raschel Needles, Felting Needles (Punching Needles) for Non Woven Technique as well as all types of spare parts such as Jacks and sinkers. All types of needles & sinkers for Fleece machine, Terry Machine, Single Jersey, Double Jersey, RIB, Interlock and Jacquard Machines. We have needles & sinker/jacks readily available for Mayer & CIE, ORIZIO, TERROT, PILOTELLI, PAILUNG, MONARCH, UNITEX, FUKUHARA, KEUMYONG, KINGTECH, QXM, SSANGYONG, WELL TEX SINKER, WELL KNIT, JUMBERCA, VIGNONI, SANTONI, JINHAR, SINHER, YEAR CHINA, CAMBER, SHIMA SEIKI, STOLL CMS, LONATI, LONATI BRAVO, SANGIACOMO, MATEC, SOOSAN, WILD HORSE, FLYING HOARSE, SEIKI , STOLL, CMS, PROTTI, UNIVERSAL, KAUO HENG *BOOSAN. We introduce Kingtech Circular Knitting Machines as their agent for new circular knitting machines in India.

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