Knit & Knit India

Bhadauria Infotech Private Limited introduce Knit & Knit Korea as their sole agent for Knitting Needles. We offers high quality Knit & Knit brand Korean Knitting Needles, manufactured using German equipments with extra advanced technology providing everknit experience to knitters and mature management which lead us to compare ourselves with German Needles.

Needles Quality:
G-rounding, perfect edge rounding right into finest sinker throat
Partial hardening for areas or sinker particularly prone to wear
Taered sinkers with a constant thickness tolerance
Perfect stamp quality, even with extreme rigidity and hardness
Extremely close tolerances in terms of evenness and length of tip

Research & Development:
Constant research and development enables us to stay ahead of fast changing world of textiles.

Quality & Pricing:
Maintaining the industry's standard enables us to provide high precision, double tempered, high quality needles.
Supply high quality needles at best possible lowest price, allowing you to maintain the edge in competitive textile industry.